Christmas Donations 2020, 2019 & 2018

Donated Items to Charities

Questions about Charities. can call me on my cellular phone or email me. 

-Carol Lee Brunk  Cellular phone: 224-239-9877 Email:

December 25th 2020 Christmas Books Purchased and Donated to Kentucky's Children's Hospital Child Life Department were delivered for Christmas. See pdf beside AD.

Thank you to those that contributed for the two books this year 2020.

Late for Christmas 2019 but arrived for January distribution and was considered Christmas 2019 The Bears and Dolls Donated for Purchased January 2020 are pictured after

the Kroger letter just below the Child Life Kentucky Children's Hospital thank you note.

Child Life Thank you note:

Christmas 2018 for a Child in the Hospital

Hand sewn together by the author Carol Lee Brunk

Last year 2018, Christmas 3 pillowcase dolls were donated to the

Kentucky University Children's Hospital Child Life Program

for Christmas! 

Certificate of donation is posted to the left.

The Child Life Kentucky University Children's program

receives donations all year includes Christmas, Easter and Birthdays.  

The handmade Pillowcase doll is for children in the pediatrics area of the hospital.

At anytime of the year, if you would like to sponsor a pillowcase doll to be made for a child at the hospital or would like one made for another person, the cost is $30.00. 

A donation certificate is received at the time of donation from the hospital.

Please contact me directly at 224-239-9877

Payment is due at the time of the order.

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Many of the advanced reading and the Mr. Alabaster Crane along with My Oregon Giant  first books were posted on a creative media website entitled as my porfolio in 2012-2013 as alternate website looking for additional work

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