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Flash Cards and Puzzle Game Numbers

Educational Coloring Books (Print yourself)

FREE PRODUCT- Sight Word Book

​"Me and My World"

FREE PRODUCT- Sight Word Book

"Who plants the flowers?"

*Includes review sheet and flash cards

FREE PRODUCT - Sight Word Book - Mr. Squirrellie Makes Peanut Butter


"How" Sight Word Book - How peanut butter is made. Also, teaches what a real thing is and what a fictional character is on paper. Peanut Butter recipe activity attached.

FREE PRODUCT- Sight Word Book

"We make a salad together from the backyard" The dandelion plant


*Includes worksheet, review sheet & flash cards

FREE PRODUCT- Sight Word Book

"What Insect Am I?"

​*Includes lesson plan, worksheet & flash cards


Educational Recommended Educational Books:

'Fairy Farts' Written & Illustrated by Kelli Hansen

'Why do Llamas wear pajamas?' by Sally Hess

'Snowman Paul' by Yossi Lapid

'Scavenger Scout Rock Hound' by Shelby Wilde

*National Geographic Photograph Picture PreReaders on Word Recognition with Photograph with Sentence(

(NOTE: National Geographic PreReaders are not the same as the Comprehension focused readers that I developed. PreReaders of a different kind.  They are a different book that also adds in assisting those learning to read in English.

Suggested Product(s) @ low cost and worth it

1,2,3,4 Puzzles Pieces Game:

Developed and designed by Carol L Brunk


Numbered 1 through 10.  Puzzles with boards attached with puzzle pieces to cut out. Puzzle pieces to cut match the number represented on put together puzzles. Pieces should match the number represented on the board tiles. Note: To strengthen the puzzle, attached or glue to card board before cutting pieces out to place on matching board number. Laminating also is a good way to strengthen the puzzle boards and pieces.

Flash Cards Scuba Duck

Developed and illustrated by Carol L Brunk


Count 1 plus 1 through 8


Flash cards are designed for counting 1 plus the additional number noted beside it with a picture of scuba duck representing the number to be counted as the answer.


Example: 1 + 2=3 with scuba duck(s) represented underneath each formula

Flash Cards Mr. Walrus 


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