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You'll Get Your Name in 'Acknowledgements' of a book.

Those that Donate' ...will have their names put in a current educational book under development (for future printing) in the 'Acknowledgements' page for their participating in supporting free education throughout the world. You will receive a free complimentary pdf of the book by email once published that will show your 'Acknowledgement of Thanks' for sponsoring comprehension educational materials and books. 

'I look for donations to continue development '...in the creation of more prereader books, to complete additional educational materials with donations to be funding the donation of paperback books to be donated to church preschools and small town libraries with limited government funding that include mobile library buses.

Help Children To Read Beginning At The Age Of Three Years Old With Every Donation

Mailing Address (email or call):

Carol Lee Brunk

Mt. Sterling, Kentucky USA

Cellular: 1-224-239-9877

Please use email:



$25 & Up Donation

 Get A Paperback Book Sent To You

Get One of Two Books Offered

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Christmas Cover or

Peace Cover




  ⃣  $25.00 receive one paperback book in the mail.

  NEW ‘Peace’ Literary, Short Stories and Poetry

  by Carol Lee Brunk

  5.5” x 8.5” Paperback. 105 pages ©2020 ED 1 & ED 2

  Choose one between

    ⃣  Christmas Cover  1 ED or    ⃣  Peace Cover 2nd ED

Contents: Edition 2 (Cover Difference only) 'Literary, Short Stories and Poetry Peace’ Enjoy the Peace! A different cover for those that would like to put the Christmas cover away but not the book. Contains short stories that includes several Christmas stories to enjoy the Holiday Season all year long. A Selective mix of literary short stories and poetry-new this year 2020 combined with previous years. Several fun family Christmas stories 'The Nativity', poetry that includes 'Of A Brightness Stand' - personal grief of a passed away nephew, 'Snowflakes' the love of a silhouette angel. A new short story "She Sat Under A Tree' (Universal when it comes to a girl's pet - could this be you or a girl you know with her pet?) and more.


  ⃣  $40.00+  receive the paperback book in the mail.

  ⃣  ‘My Native American Indian Boy’

    by Carol Lee Brunk Edition 2

  5.5” x 8.5” Paperback. 128 pages ©2017 ED2

  Contents: 2nd Edition: a new smaller size “It’s all about perspective…the way we view life when it’s right in front of us.” My Native American Indian Boy is all about perspective. The way one can view something is not always the way it really happens, looks like it happens or can be relayed to another person. Life and God have a way of getting a story to each of us. How we portray it, relay it and understand it is sometimes viewed a little bit different than those that view it from a different angle.

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Many of the advanced reading and the Mr. Alabaster Crane along with My Oregon Giant  first books were posted on a creative media website entitled Elance.com as my porfolio in 2012-2013 as alternate website looking for additional work

Contact number:


Was Located: 

Fairfax/Reston/McLean, VA USA

www.sightwordsataglance.com or


Mailing Address:

Carol Lee Brunk

Mt. Sterling, KY USA 40353

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