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Promoting A healthy Imagination in picture books

Written and Illustrated by
Carol L Brunk
Written and Illustrated by
Carol L Brunk



She's at the leave me alone stage in life that many young people go through.  She's a 12 year old girl that talks to an imaginary giant but she constantly reminds herself that the Giant is her imagination. 

The giant is not illustrated in the book. The book is to promote children to discover on their own what their giant in their imagination would look like.  Promoting a Healthy Imagination.


The question for the instructor or parent for the child/children that reads or listens to a reading of "My Oregon Giant":   

"What would your giant look like?"


Is it your mom or dad, uncle, neighbor, your best friend, your pet, a fictional character like Fozy Bear from the muppets or Superman!


SERIES (estimated to be a six book series)

Volume 1 - My Oregon Giant

Volume 2 - My Oregon Giant Calming Adventure Christmas  

                        (Look under 'READERS' on Tab menu)

Volume 3 - My Oregon Giant A Tale 

                       (available for purchase on only)



Mr. Alabaster Crane , Mister Gold Fish and Mr. Wood Pecker goes to Grandma Alabaster Crane’s is  about fictional characters of bird origin and  one of fish origin.  They take on humanistic qualities  and become friends in a circle of life situation- in a normal environment  the birds are considered carnivorous in a carnivorous situation of a food chain referred to as the circle of life.


Mr. Alabaster Crane has the stuffy wuffy’s.  Grandma Alabaster Crane is as interesting character that tries to figure out Mister Gold Fish's needs while tending to Mr. Alabaster Crane’s stuffy wuffy’s and playing host to Mr. Wood Pecker. 


SERIES (estimated to be a six book series) 

Volume 1 - Mr. Alabaster Crane, Mister Gold Fish and Mr. Wood Pecker goes to Grandma Alabaster Crane's home.

Volume 2 - Mr. Alabaster Crane The Dilemma (Look under 'READERS' on tab menu) 


New Format Design

New Format Design

Addtional comprehension readers found on 'FREE Readers'

All are available on put in author's name 'Carol L Brunk' to pull books up if your are interested in purchasing paperback books Or press

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-Carol Lee Brunk  11-15-2020

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