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"It’s all about perspective…the way we view life when it’s right in front of us."




My Native American Indian Boy is all about perspective. The way one can view something is not always the way it really happens, looks like it happens or can be relayed to another person. Life and God have a way of getting a story to each of us. How we portray it, relay it and understand it is sometimes viewed a little bit different than those that view it from a different angle.

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As in many businesses, business needs are adapted to economic conditions.  Due to lack of donations, offered only on are  'Passed Of A Sun' 6" x 9" size and 'My Oregon Giant A Tale' 8 1/2" x 11" size both paperback books that can be purchased through the internet at a charge through There will still be future products available for free at print yourself.  Please be patient while I continue to strive forward to bring more free products to you and the 

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Novel - 'My Native American Indian Boy' Fictional Story Content on Perspective -

For All Ages


Author: Carol Lee Brunk

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