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Please HELP promote FREE Education by Donating on the website and new directive to be achieved 'Civilization Peace Corps'

Funding and Bicycle Travels (scroll down the page) i'm donating back with orignial written created products -look for those products listed below. See release form for assistance in obtaining a copy - note there may be a charge by the organization.

'Let's make tomorrow last until

the next day

by ensuring an education that will help


people growing up

"Stupid" like the behavior'


‘May they learn the right things to succeed in life before they learn the wrong things.'

 Educational Materials & Books with

Concentration on Comprehension

Mission Statement:

1. Comprehension Educational books and materials. That include a new product that works 'Comprehension PreReader' books.

2. A new directive to be associated with a type of 'Civilization Peace Corps' that assist in a transitional jump into a higher economic station state for myself and others that includes products made for possible money to be made for others.

Comprehension Readers

Starting with PreReaders

11-2016 to present  A new educational product line developed by Carol Lee Brunk(myself) to help children to read beginning at the age of three years old.  Prereader paperback books!  These books are NOT Flash Card books, NOT Memorization books or Games. They are Comprehension Readers. The books do use some flash card words but are written, designed, illustrated for a better understanding that uses association with illustrations to understand the meaning of words. 

A story in a sentence and several sentences make a bigger story.

Once a child knows the alphabet, he/he can read a book as early as age of three years old. 

The books are for the English language only at this time. They do not use congregating verbs as in some languages such as French, Italian and Spanish. A detailed handbook of understanding the methodology is being worked on for publication. 

The Sight Word Books and all other products in this website are written and illustrated by Carol Lee Brunk unless otherwise stated. An educator that is thriving to improve societies education in today's world. The books are unique with emphasis on being highly interactive between instructor and student, detailed in pen and ink for easy recognition when used additionally as a coloring book.  Message and realistic detail on the majority give factual books attention to detail for easy understanding for easy recall and association.  The books are being created in the following categories as noted on the Home page of the website:


"We" - cooking books - (good also for latch key children)

"How" - how something works or is made or happens or is identified

"Who" - question books that answer a mystery includes science and very basic math

"What" - books are science and math-interactive books that include scientific explanation includes lesson plan. Math that includes counting and basic number skill worksheets. 

"Free" universal educational products to everybody at all economic states in the United States and other countries through a website.


Website Being CIRCULATED

Currently, the website address is being circulated among the American Indian Reservations in the United States and recommendations from Learning Institues when needed. The website has been emailed to the Pentagon's each branch for circulation and also, has been emailed to the United Nations for cirulation (for additional details on these, please contact me through the "Contact" menu button.


Sight Words are words recognizable at a glance.


Sight Word Books are easy to follow instructional aides for instructors and students.  An interactive media book(s) are pen and ink illustrated with picture word story content that use recognizable words that are descriptive or show action or function in an easy visual explanation. Products that are highly interactive with instructor and student, yet, are stand alone educational materials that are hands-on visual aides that help with memory recall in word association of cognitive development.


Travels on bicycle with bicycle trailer!

Or walking with bicycle trailer only.

The Mission includes a type of 'Civilization Peace Corps'

That include New Possible Directives for the World to Establish a better economic station state in the United States by assisting others.

Developed Created Products Donated in exchange of assistance in my Travels.

Cook Book Beginning

7" x 10" booklet book

Emergency Cook Book for

ages 2 1/2 up , Lutheran Parish, Shepherdstown, WV USA call church for product

Easter Mixed Passages(from Gospel John)

8 1/2" x 11"

Easter Passages Trivia Book/Booklet for St. Agnes Catholic Church, Shepherdstown, WV USA call church for product

Foot Prints To The Tomb

8 1/2" x 11" Book/Booklet

Question/Answers on 3 Celebrations

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Day for Presbyterian Church, Shepherdstown, WV USA call church for product

Martha's Kitchen

(Soup kitchen Non Profit Organization, St Albans, VT USA)

Tri-fold brochures on 8.5"x 11" paper (2 out of 12 shown)

Stationary Templates for 8.5" x 11" paper (2 out of 3 shown; Memo format not shown for the side margin blue) Press Picture

2B1 Family International/2B1 Family.Org, Richford, VT USA (Non-Profit Organization)

4 Cards on 8.5"x 11" paper (Business Presentation and small event planning cards 

Stationary Template for 8.5" x 11" paper

Event Planning Template size 8.5" x 11"

Wilber Czech Museum,

Wilber, Nebraska USA

Mailer 8.5"x 11" paper (equals 3 pages) Editorial on Wilber, NE town and Czech settlers includes editorial on an educational 'how to follow  instructions' coloring book-basic book for learning how to follow instructions.

Press picture for product

Arts & Crafts Fair,

Hillsboro, Kansas USA

Press Release Flyer 8.5"x 11" paper (equals 2 pages) with editorial on Hillsboro, Kansas

To assist Chamber in Commerce in

 Arts & Crafts Fair Sept 2016

Press Picture for product

Wilber'Czech', Nebraska USA

Proposed document presentation to American Girl & Mattel invest in town Wilber, NE in regards to Czechoslovakian settlement in USA (equals 64 pages) submitted to American Girl & Mattel

with usage signed permission of museum photo release and content clause noted in document - photo release posted below (Press for Review)

Wilber Czech Museum & Town Wilber Nebraska USA

Press Release Flyer for postings

8.5"x 11" paper (equals 1 page) Editorial on Wilber, NE town and Czech settlers and invite promoted in email to area 10 colleges that included International Affairs offices to post and to post in Student Centers and in offices

Press Picture for product

Koester House Museum & Garden,Marysville, Kansas USA  Educational  Product Press Release Flyer 8.5"x 11" (equals 1 page) with editorial on A B C Coloring Book  about Koester House Museum

To assist Koester House in sales of a good educational recommended product. Release found on 'Business Market' page of or press picture for product

Website Developed for Martha Offutt, Martinsburg, WV USA

Press picture for product 

Wilber Czech Museum &Town Wilber Nebraska USA

Booklet 7"x 10", Tear Out

44 Christmas Cards

Makes 5" x 7" cards

Envelopes not included.

Posted on Type in name of museum Wilber Czech Museum to look up

100% royalties to Wilber Czech Museum, Wilber, NE

Wilber Czech Museum &Town Wilber Nebraska USA

pdf file

Printable on 8 1/2" x 11" paper

44 Christmas Cards pdf file

Makes 5.5" x 8 1/2" cards

Envelopes not included.

Wilber Czech Museum, Wilber, NE

Hotel Wilber Czech Bed & Breakfast &Town Wilber Nebraska USA

Booklet 7"x 10", Tear Out

44 Christmas Cards

Makes 5" x 7" cards

Envelopes not included.

Posted on Type in the Hotel Wilber to look up

100% royalties to Hotel Wilber , Wilber NE

Hotel Wilber Czech Bed & Breakfast &Town Wilber Nebraska USA

pdf file

Printable on 8 1/2" x 11" paper

44 Christmas Cards

Makes 5.5" x 8 1/2" cards

Envelopes not included.

Wilber, NE


Product  'small Easter bunny basket'

Printable on 8 1/2" x 11" paper

pdf file

Carroll, Iowa USA

London Coffee Peddle

London, OH USA

Press Release Flyer for postings

8.5"x 11" paper (equals 1 page) to assist in development of small business 

Press Picture for product

cynthias family hair design

2 creative media salon paper craft promotional booklets (1 Brand Name: Cynthia's Salon Favorite In Paper Craft Gift Boxes With Cards Christmas booklet,4 to 6 color process, pages that equal 46,makes 8 paper craft boxes approximate size of gift boxes 3"x3"x3" and 8 paper craft coordinating small cards approximate size of cards 3.25”x4.5”) and (1 Brand Name: Cynthia's Salon Favorite In Paper Craft Gift Boxes With Cards salon booklet with art media of 'hair, eye and hair dryer' (black and white line computer drawn original art work) ,4 to 6 color process for the color, pages that equal 36, 6 paper craft boxes approximate size of gift boxes 3"x3"x3" and 6 paper craft coordinating small cards approximate size of cards 3.25” x  4.5”) to assist in development of small business 

cynthias family hair design

2 press release flyers) for postings

8.5"x 11" paper (equals 1 page) 1 design of art media to assist in development of small business

 Taylorville, Illinois and Olney, Illinois USA

Press Picture for flyer 'SUPERIOR WORKING-LINE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS; ILLINOIS, U.S.A.'Specializing in Police, Military, Security, SAR and ADA compliant service dogs. Jim and Larissa Tate, Irvington - Centrallia area, Illinois USA

2 logos chosen design of art media to assist in development of small business 


'Hunter and her friend Sophie', a Darla June Bear Animal Book (created brand with the owner's real name), is endorsed educational Beginner Reader by Carol Lee Brunk, 6" x 9" paperback book to be posted by Darla June Bear on,  color photos of her animals included. Is a small documentary about two of her cats Hunter and Sophie. Product was created for Darla June Bear, Kettering, OH, USA

Signed Ownership Release Forms

Developed Created Products Donated in exchange of assistance in my Travels.

*Cook Book Beginning for Lutheran Christian Parish


*Easter Mixed Passages Finding An Answer for

    Presbyterian Christian Church 


*Foot Prints To The Tomb for St. Agnes Catholic Church


*Website Development for Martha Offutt

    (sm embroidery business)

*Martha's Kitchen (soup kitchen) Brochure Tri-Fold

     (Non-Profit Organization)

*2B1 Family International/2B1 Family.Org

     (Non-Profit Organization)

*Hillsboro, Kansas Press Release on Arts & Crafts Show, (2 pages) 

      (release posting soon)

*Koester House Museum & Garden, Marysville, Kansas, Educational       Product Press Release Flyer 8.5" x 11", Sept 2016 (equals 1 page)


     (Mailer/3 page for promoting the town and instructional coloring book- Nov 2016)

*Wilber, Nebraska proposed proposal submitted to American Girl & Mattel (To consider for investment for Future New Historical Educational Product(s) Line Reviews, 64 pages Nov 2016)

*THE ENTRANCE FEE?  Its  FREE museum and town Wilber, Nebraska (One page flyer Nov 2016) 

*Wilber Museum, Wilber, NE 44 Christmas Cards Tear- Out  Booklet Product

* Wilber Museum, Wilber, NE 44 Christmas Cards Printable pdf file Product

*Hotel Wilber Bed & Breakfast, Wilber Ne 44 Christmas Cards Tear-Out Booket Product

*Hotel Wilber Bed & Breakfast, Wilber Ne 44 Christmas Cards Printabe pdf file Product

*Central Church, Product'small Easter bunny basket'

Printable on 8 1/2" x 11" paper,pdf file, Carroll,IA            *London Coffee Peddler News Release Printable on 8 1/2" x 11" paper,pdf file-2017

*cynthias family hair design,Taylorville, IL

2 press release flyers, 2 creative media salon paper craft promotional booklets-2018

* 'SUPERIOR WORKING-LINE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS; ILLINOIS, U.S.A.'Specializing in Police, Military, Security, SAR and ADA compliant service dogs. Jim and Larissa Tate, Irvington - Centrallia area, Illinois

2 logos chosen 

*Darla June Bear Animal Book, 6" x 9", paperback, Endorsed educational Beginner Reader, wtih color photos, 'Hunter And Her Friend Sophie' (It is a small documentary about two cats)

Walmart 2017 Application for Donations

Travels on bicycle with bicycle trailer! Or walking with bicycle trailer only.

'Civilization Peace Corps' A Possible New Directive for the World to Establish' those that are in healthcare assist owners in keeping their homes. 

'Civilization Peace Corps' A Possible New Directive To Assist in A Transitional Jump Into A Higher Economic Station State


Civilization Peace Corps' a transitional jump can be possible in a projected societal structuring. An organization that can be developed as a new directive - a new paradox.  


A proposal of an extension of a peace corps with a new directive of civilize civilization to continue to transition forward in keeping civilization advancement.   In an effort to reach a transitional jump from one economic station state to another for others and myself objectives of new directives of a new future can be achieved simultaneously in timing.  Additional directives are created to achieve transitional jumps - a new paradox added for a universal society to be established, maintained or reestablished.


'Peace Corps Transitional A New Directive' the step forward from under developed countries to developed countries. 'Civilization Peace Corps' that has not been an established organization yet.  'Civilization Peace Corps' would include the next step, the educated step of assistance, its a little more that filling the majority of the minority that you find in civilization in government programs. U.S. government and other governments establish programs that include the majority of the minority economic station states.  But, those programs established take time and other minority economic station states happen while those are being instituted throughout a country in hopes for those using government programs to take an economic station jump into a higher station economic state (this does not always mean homeless gets a job but includes those that have jobs or business or have the part of section to form a business need the additional assistance to get where they are going) - this can mean, a temporary care giver, publishing for advertising, from cleaning to cooking for a few days to assist while the have the opportunity to get other work done or document consultation on how to get something done in order that those that develop or already developed a need to prevent a lower economic station state - the temporary assistance needed to stabilize or prevent a lower economic station state from occurring. Though there are organizations that look for employment part time, full time or temp.  This is something different call it an open ticket of 'Where can I get help for this?' And its not always monies that those in need of assistance to a jump or a preventative to a lower economic station state.  Its the actual assisted help/assistance needed using a barter, donation or both so that both can achieve a better life and hopeful jump into another economic station state- short enough to establish a jump or preventative stability. 'Civilization Peace Corps' economic station state is needed and should be noted that the assistance is not always the same for everybody and should not always be the same for everybody to keep a free enterprise happening.  Call it a paradox that can work.  Read about paradox and social economic station states in the succession of papers I've written on the 'Advanced Reading' menu tab of this website  with note that the website is distributed to the United Nations, Pentagon and the North American Indian reservations. website should be considered an additional assistance of the civilization peace corps or a type of peace corps that roves a business center to assist the development in small business as well as the educational materials.


For other countries, the exchange for assistance in to other countries would be the travel appointed purchase tickets by the governing country, food, housing with only affordable donations to those that participate of the exchange with donations being list a $1 or less.  Thus giving the opportunity for growth and expansion.  'Civilization Peace Corps' is more than the starter kit of digging a well, etc. It's about what is affordable to make the transitional jump.

For additional information about what barter, donation or both can be achieved in effort to establish a better life for myself and others please fill out the contact information and press the contact button on the 'Contact' menu tab.


For your reference materials in regards to a future to establish a 'Civilization Peace Corps' the societal papers written are on the 'Advanced Reading' tab.

In current period of timing, as a non-governing of the Peace Corps itself (not government owned or established), as a self established independent educational contractor, in written request read the attached file documents in order listed below.


Papers to be read in order fo 1st to 10 can be accessed on the menu tab 'Advanced Reading':

  1) 'The Individual You'

  2) 'Addendum The Individual You'

  3) 'Societal Restructuring' - how it happens

  4) 'A Directive The Challenge'

  5) 'The lowest economic station state'

  6) 'What does it mean to share?' - united states version

  7) 'Propositions, Friendships and what the word Platonic Means' for men and women

  8) 'Where does comfort come from?'

  9) 'Addendum 4 The bible passage Matthew 6'  - the department of defense in bible

10) 'Peace Corps Transitional A New Directive'

11) 'Written Proposal Draft Documentation Civilization Peace Corps (Health Section Only drafted -Only part of what Civilization Peace Corps can achieve )


Questions: How do I FUND my travels and living arrangements?

I fund them through other work as well as donations that I receive.  I use the barter agreement (a service in exchange for a place to stay for a short time or lengthy time) in order to help myself and others get back on track in today's economic conditions.  It's my way of helping back in the world. To help and to hope to make others have a better chance at a better life, a different life, to move forward instead of backwards. I find people through posting and handing out flyers, business cards, brochures and a lot of calling out of magazines, newspapers, word of mouth and talking to people at churches, coffee shops, etc. (THIS IS MY WAY OF PROVIDING A PUBLIC SERVICE THAT I FIND WORTH A BETTER DAY AFTER TOMORROW!)


Where do I live?

For the time being I live with those that I make barter agreements with meaning a service of work for a place to stay short or long stay.  Housework, cleaning, cooking, sewing (custom patterns from newpaper can be achieved- made a nice dog coat for a lady's pet dog), ironing, doing errands and babysitting that includes child sitting. Rented a room in Reston, Virginia

I worked at the Reston Zoo










for a while until winter (2014-2015) then lived with family from the church (2015) I attend under barter of cleaning the house, ironing, sewing. Then when I got the bike and bike trailer, I moved onto working at a ranch for a few weeks, helping a church friend, children sitting in West Virginia and then back to child sitting in Virginia. Since West Virginia, Vermont is where I have traveled to work with others in hopes to establish more business jumps and non-profit organization jumps to achieve status as a transitional jump from one economic station state to another.


Who benefits from my travels?  YOU! OTHERS! and myself hopefully.  Though I advertise free products, those that donate and help me with barter make it possible to keep a mission for myself hopeful. A promise that a better day after tomorrow can be achieved for not only myself but a lot, a lot, a lot of people.   Started bike travel out of VIRGINIA April 2014  (See 'home' page for complete travel from April 2014 to present)    

ST ALBANS, VERMONT June 2016 This benefited my travels too. A chipmunk decided to have babies in my clothes. While my cloths were packed away in plastic to keep dry for the weather the chipmunk decided to make a habitat through chewing holes in the plastic bag.  I decided to help the babies and the new mother chipmunk out by putting them in a clean washed fabric boot from a pair of winter boots.  The boots I threw away but had laundered the fabric lining of the boots for slippers to keep my feet warm a couple of weeks earlier. It was of good fortune, I hope, that the fabric boot I poured them into was already clean from washing. The fabric boot looked better for a new mother chipmunk.  I rolled the babies into the boot without touching them in hopes the mother would come back and take care of the new borns.  They wiggled as I rolled them into the fabric boot. I knew they were alive then.  Here are my cell phone pictures:









Website to get more information of the Eastern Chipmunk

Barter agreements and other work helps fund this website and mission that in the future the website will host a nonprofit organization called the website's name.  This website is in the beginning stages of forming a nonprofit organization. Currently, I am known as an Independent Educator Contractor until hopeful funds can be acquired to continue on to form the organization (nonprofit organization keeping free educational products to everybody especially those in need). Please keep accessing the website. It's for everybody. Work in exchange for food and place to stay, with or without donation is and can be achieved in exchange for honest work to assist others.


The other work and donations fund this website  Other work includes advertising development, flyers, mailers, referrals, database emailers, calling for leads to generate exposure, newspaper submissions, website design, product stationary designs, publishing consultation, cook book for a church (a suggestion), cleaning, cooking, child sitting, sewing, racking leaves, shoveling snow, errands for others helps.

This website is funded by myself, Carol Lee Brunk.  The website has been active on the internet since 2014.

Condor pic above.

Leamers to the left.

Kangaroos left. 

Walaroos right.

Reston Zoo, Virginia 2014

(my cell phone pictures)

If you would like to donate with additional needs, please contact me directly on my website or call me on my

cell 224-239-9877

'In Hope for the Future, Our Past to Future Forefathers of the United States Future SHARE the Freedom of Human Rights of PEACE but

Do Not Become Each Other to Achieve the Individuality Freedom as

well as to be the Person, Individual that Shares PEACE. World PEACE.'

-Carol Lee Brunk  11-15-2020

Not a Military

Owned Website

 A Lot FREE on pdf
         Not All FREE

Pdf products that are posted are copyrighted on the website and/or in softcover book form.  Books posted are available for purchase on

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