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Greetings From Mt. Sterling, Kentucky USA 2022

May 9, 2022     

Dear Readers,

The invitation to include you in on my journey of summary, an article, an update and success...

Summary: The walk that started out in Illinois that normally would be a 45-minutes by drive Southwest of Dekalb, IL in 2012.  I went through Rockelle, DeKalb, IL, Geneva, IL, Glenview, IL on through Indianapolis, IN and kept going.......the first destination was the walk to Pittsburgh, PA, resulted in a journey of a walk out that ended in NYC (Manhattan, NY- Around 'Times Square') - article 'Experiencing Something That Should Not Exist Poverty/Homelessness' written in the Harlem Library, NY down the street from the shelter I was assigned and the article was emailed to The Wall Street Journal.  A train ride to Washington DC where I sat for a year to a train ride to Baltimore went to a truck ride out to Oklahoma City, OK to several truck rides to Atlanta, GA to truck rides then a train ride back to Washington, DC.  Took the walk out of Washington, DC to Vienna, VA.  Lived a short time in Reston, VA then in McLean, VA to walk out with a bicycle and a bicycle trailer.  A long 12 years after that, that traveled over 18 states... the result...educational comprehensive books and materials developed to assist in learning to read...success so far is 'Language Qualification for the English Language Written Materials List to April 2022'...

Article 1. 'Experiencing Something That Should Not Exist' 2012 to 2013 written in NYC -Manhattan NYC
An Update 2. 'Carol Lee Brunk House and Transportation for 12 Years with Bicycle and Bicycle Trailer' 2014 to 2019 (being updated with notes in the list of what was my home for 12 years living in a tent traveling with a bicycle and bicycle trailer 7-20-2024)
Success 3. 'Language Qualification for the English Language Written Materials List to April 2022' 
Article 4. 'The Lowest Economic Station State' DC Morning Shelter Submitted to ThriveDC in email when I literally lived on a bench.

'Experiencing Something That Should Not Exist Poverty-Homelessness'

The True Story: 'I'm A Witness to A Weekend Request for Many Years'
January 2021 (Present Notation)After 65 Years Of Marriage, Heaven's Gate Opened For One, On January 3, 2021, Story Now in Memory Of My Mother 1st Posted October 2020Here's a true story of a memoir that I think you will find enduring.  I chose to publish it on the 'Home' page, 'Short Stories' page and 'Editorial' page.  Enjoy!  It's value maybe something that shared may shine through this year and years to come. Blessings to you.

Golden Star

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 'Town Editorial & Press' for 2018 Press Release for Linden, Tennessee

What's Going On

In Indiana USA?

July 3, 2017


The Storm Approaching

Hartford City, Indiana July 3, 2017

These pictures were taken of the storm brewing around the court house on my way back to a church where I tented for a 3 day stay during the 4th of July holiday celebration in 2017 just before it rained. I worked on the PreReader Volume 8 'The Toy Box' in the church on my stay. Published later that year on

What's Going On

In Vermont?

June and March 2016


'Chipmunks' by Carol Lee Brunk

ST ALBANS, VERMONT June 2016 This benefited my travels too. A chipmunk decided to have babies in my clothes. While my cloths were packed away in plastic to keep dry for the weather the chipmunk decided to make a habitat through chewing holes in the plastic bag.  I decided to help the babies and the new mother chipmunk out by putting them in a clean washed fabric boot from a pair of winter boots.  The boots I threw away but had laundered the fabric lining of the boots for slippers to keep my feet warm a couple of weeks earlier. It was of good fortune, I hope, that the fabric boot I poured them into was already clean from washing. The fabric boot looked better for a new mother chipmunk.  I rolled the babies into the boot without touching them in hopes the mother would come back and take care of the newborns.  They wiggled as I rolled them into the fabric boot. I knew they were alive then.  Here are my cell phone pictures:

Photo have been removed temporarily 7 20 2024

Website to get more information of the Eastern Chipmunk

A walk down a mountain to a lake on the other side(?)

St. Albans, Vermont March 2016

Lake water

Road takes a 90 degree drop

If it would have the snow this last winter to Spring Season in March 2016, long metal flat boards topped with high topped boots clipped in when a firm placement of a boot stomp hit, a skier's dream in intermediate level drops to and advancement drops of 90 degree straight drops to bottom to a plateau - mountain plateau. The snow was a not constant depth to produce an event this last winter into March 2016.  But, the angles of the hills still lift you to a height to see something not usual in other parts of the mountain or other geographical places.   The walk down a 90 degree drop to stop at a short plateau.  The view from a friend's property of a walk down to the plateau; if you could build a bridge from the point where I stood going down the mountain across the valley (shown below- left) I would walk right to the edge of the mountain water lake in the horizon before the mountains presented itself into a higher mountain viewed above the lake.  Take a walk visually in the pictures shown to the left and walk across a valley to a lake across the sky that shows a silhouette of the Distance Mountains in view. Visually can you get your feet wet too? 

Carol Lee Brunk June 11, 2016

What Happen in West Virginia?

Shepherdstown,WV USA 2016


SONIC BOOM RAINBOW(The Doppler Effect) March 2016

Rainbow looks like sonic boom (no confirmation from the government). March 2016 sighting.

I notice the several rings of the rainbow after the storm. 

I could not click my cell phone fast enough. The energy expelled during high speed movement dissipates fast.  These pictures were taken after a storm in downtown Shepherdstown, WV at the University next the police station immediately right after a rain storm stopped. See the several rainbows going forward in the sky and compare it to the Doppler effect off wikipedia encyclopedia.  Looks like a sonic boom rainbow. Look for the animated graph on Wikipedia.  Look at 'Causes' it may have been an aircraft(?)

Website to get more information on Sonic Boom copy and paste in browser:

The Stop At The Train Station In New York City, New York USA

New York City, New York USA, March 2016

NYC Train Station -

The Celo takes a ride.  

The musical instrument walk only found when the player is a human in route of destination.

My travel stop over in NYC train station on the way to start a journey in Vermont (A not very often used transportation option of the usual bicycle with trailer) - March 2016

A Woman’s Body Built to Move Quicker, Faster and Protects Them Better


Women body’s movement are quicker, faster, more protection for a woman so women can get away faster if needed.


Women’s physiological (body) is made for more graceful, quicker movement. The normal alignment of women, the outside the shoulder to the outside of the hip in standing up position with slight to very small indentation to the waist if physically fit for all. This does not mean star athlete but one that takes care of themselves. With smaller shoulders than men, women have less mass on the upper body in the shoulder area. Less mass carries on the female body results in less heart attacks or heart problems. Women have an increase of blood circulation faster throughout the body providing more oxygen faster than a man due to the leaner body mass weight from chest cavity and shoulder along with muscle mass. For female hormones do not inhibit when if it comes to large breasted women, they still can move faster with the smaller shoulders – Why?  If women have an increase of weight in the shoulders as in a man, in addition to the larger breasts this would also make their movement more awkward and slow them down even more. Women’s strength was made in the pelvis for child carrying and not upper body strength.


Men are built for strength with upper body mass.


The physiological difference between a male and female the female can move quicker for more protection.


Men don’t move as graceful.  Men are built for strength, muscle and power.  Many football athletes take ballet lessons to move more graceful to improve on their upper body bulkiness. Grace and quickness on smaller physical built actually protects better when defense for a human needs to move out of the way harm’s way i.e. any object, human, predator, natural disaster conditions, (i.e. flying object, theft, car coming at you out of control, tree fall at you or object flying in the wind out of control that coming at you)



Reference: The Physiological Difference Between Male and Female Runners, Ian McMahan, published Oct 8, 2105 updated Jan 18, 016 at 12:31PM UTC  Read more at

A Woman’s Body Built to Move Quicker, Faster and Protects Them Better

Writer: Carol L Brunk, Written in Shepherdstown, WV  Date: March 12, 2016

'If you write your name you drew a picture'

Writer: Carol L Brunk, Written in Shepherdstown, WV  Date: February 12, 2016

‘IF you write your name you drew a picture!’ A TRUE FACT

The Alphabet is a 26 letter art design learned to communicate on paper and speaking.  The ‘abc’s is an art design. Each letter of art design in the alphabet was designed for you to draw every day to communicate.

If you write the letters, you are drawing a picture of a design. Every letter is an art design. It is a reproduction replication reflection to a letter or group of letters learned that have been assigned a sound so that you can communicate with each other. 

Letters are an individual art design that is assigned a sound so that you can blend them together to make words, words to make sentences, sentences to make paragraphs, paragraphs to make a story you would like to tell told as fact or fictional. A story can be a note, term paper, legal document i.e. (in example) A note: ‘Mother went to go get milk. She will be right back to help you with your homework later.’  A legal document: The constitution and The Bill of Rights.  The story in a sentence can also be descriptive as your name, so it identifies who you are –true fact.

Different languages are different linguist

ics (French, Italian, English etc.)


Language written are pictures design art reproduced. You write and draw pictures every day through your language called ‘Linguistics’. LINGUISTICS is your language that includes the sounds, written matter and group of people that use the language. Letters are a design assign to a sound to blend together to make words, words to make sentences.


Look up linguistics, art design, cave art, alphabet, history language compared to cave art

2015 End of the Year!

With A New Year 2016 coming at the end of a December going into a past year! 

12-21-2015 Times advancement for the short end of the month is left going for the exploration of a year that has the usual predicatible note in a calendar pushing the days, hours, seconds down to a passing pause. To bring reflection of the year and years previous of hopes that a different path with a different directive will advance oneself and others.  To bring/build about a brick lain bridge for all to travel- a route on a journey into a walk that those alive will pull the hope and prayer that God prays back to us from above using our 'Free Will' towards many steps forward without steps back.  Please hear God to step forward for yourself and others to get closer to peace upon the earth for all.  God be with us all!  May we choose to build the forward paths in time ahead.  Have a happy and blessed New Year 2016! -Carol L Brunk

The Mountains Smoke With Dew in West Virginia, USA

Comments by the Writer and Illustrator Carol L Brunk

Editorial on the Season Holidays 2015

12-6-2015 What is it called when the mountains smoke dew? It funnels upward rapidly in heavy concentration condensation. The Appalachian mountain range smokes of a smell that does not endanger the plant, wild life or humans that live or are visiting in the area. Appalachian Mountains are not the mountains constantly holding snow caps all year long. If you travel the Chesapeake and Ohio canal (C&O canal) along the Potomac River taking the toe path traveled by hikers and bikers camping out you’ll experience 90% of the time in the morning the best examples in science by natural nature, not of renovation, God preservation of thermal heat reaction between the earth and sun with a body of water. It is evaporation not commonly seen with your eyes. Most often it’s an unnoticeable exchange that elevates encircles that has results of heavy rain clouds. Outside Harpers Ferry and Shepherd, WV the visual sight is very prominent and noticeable visually that it billows in funnels going in an upward sweep. The chimney mast never accumulates the soot that needs to be cleaned. Santa’s chimney is the surrounding trees that hold it shape so that the movement of the funnels of dew has a smoking effect in an upward sweep natural by God’s hands. The right kind of smoke of H2O clear clean science. Amazing! As west of the state of West Virginia, a native of Illinois the examples are of fog without noticeable separation the thermal is noticed only in the clouds of the atmosphere and not from the ground to the sky atmosphere in an outside observation- from a distance with a perception usually seen on a TV screen but not in present noticeable.


Of Holiday tradition the December smokes with dew that has been not been collecting the powdered frozen flakes of snow for the traveler on a bike or a hiker. They will notice the landscape is beautifully decorated with autumns fall colors in addition to God’s science example of thermodynamics that take them on an intake of visual stimulation beheld by those that will walk the foot bridges of Harpers Ferry and Shepherd, WV. From the toe path the view, Harpers Ferry, WV is a town put in a 90 degree high top walk with shops held into the mountain on an angle with an over look of the Potomac River and train station below. A stop at ‘Wildflowers Consignment Boutique’ brought about a comfort of warmth in new coat and a couple sweaters that were replaced for the original sweaters may have found themselves somewhere else.


North of Harpers Ferry on the toe path about 10 miles, the holiday season arrived in Shepherd’s town with the Civil War Christmas theme at the top of a mountain taken on from a different path. Known for a teacher’s college, Shepherd’s small town intermingled with the campus buildings and life is of coolness of a crisp only in the air to bring about a delightful holiday atmosphere.


Service with a smile. Vegetarian egg rolls and wonton soup warmed me from head to toe especially the heart from ‘China Kitchen’. They smell good!


Dessert directly across the street, with a donut that brought about the freshness of freshly baked from the ‘Shepherdstown Sweet Shop Bakery’ a taste of a delight of a winning cream (for myself) that keeps the light of cream named rightly as cream filled- not heavy but filling with the taste of a melt to the palate upon taste. In addition to donuts other bakery products are baked.  Around Christmas and Easter holiday’s the German stollen is sold with holiday cheer!


Sweetly enticing upon the arriving! The town events filled the days of the holiday that included a holiday bazar inside several buildings. Holiday cheer spread from handmade pottery, to bird houses from ‘Limekiln Rd Wood Works Creations by Robert & Kyle Gallienne’ located in Sharpsburg, MD that included a displayed Noah’s bird house with no waiting for a potential bird in the trees- nice holiday housing. Tweet! Tweet!


The Grinch only in character costume arrived one Friday night before the reading of the ‘Night before Christmas’ read out loud boomed through the air. The children this time showed up in the streets displayed of Christmas theme clothing shopping with relatives, friends and visitors that prepared for the holiday.


Of travels in renting, buying or repairing bikes for the year round toe path (C&O Canal that also is the bike path) ‘Shepherdstown Pedal & Paddle’ located in just a step up in the middle of the small shops on German Street.


If you take the time to look for the holidays within small towns in the Appalachian Mountains, a traveler that looks for something fresh, something different, something you never experienced before or visually seen, consider a trip close to December where you can watch a mountain smoke dew in the morning, arrive in a small educated town full of holiday cheer that looks good, smells good and feels good in life, consider a visit to Harpers Ferry and Shepherds, WV

What's On the C&O bicycle path along the Potomac River of West Virginia?

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia USA 2016


Harpers Ferry at the foot bridge on the C&O canal on the side the steps going up to cross into Harpers Ferry.  Potomoc River water picture is from the side closest to the path by the sign above. Black rock mountain formation (thought to be volcanic magnum rock).

Potomoc River that runs under the Harpers Ferry foot bridge into Harpers Ferry, WV. Picture taken on the Harpers Ferry side at the top of the foot bridge looking  over onto the train bridge that also crosses the Potomac river that runs trains through the tunnel going towards Washington D.C. and back to Harpers Ferry, WV USA.

Clear water on mudd rock bottom base.

This is one of the tropical area's in West Virginia before Harpers Ferry, WV on the C&O canal tow path before the bridge of traffic before Harpers Ferry's foot bridge. Another area of thick tropical plants in a wider area is located by Orange, VA and Gorndonsville, VA going northwest on Rte 20 and Rte 230.

What Happen in Virginia?

Vienna,Virgina USA 2016


'Huge Prehistoric Weed' in Vienna,Virginia, USA

 Writer Carol L Brunk 2015

Found in Vienna, VA picture shows the prehistoric weed.

9"x11" piece of paper shows how big the leaves are. Plant is also found around Orange, VA and Gorndonsville, VA

Forward Note About

The Writer/Illustrator

Forward note about the writer/illustrator:
I am a white, blonde reverse-toe head caucasian woman with Northern Scandinavian, English and French decent that grew up in Illinois, United States of America; the land people consider Lincoln land in an all white community but..  It is the Land with Abraham Lincoln's mission of freedom and equality for all races, religions. It's the Hope for the future that with Martin Luther King's dream and Abraham Lincoln's dream that black and white share the peace but do not have to become each other- a thought for individuality freedom as well as to be the person, individual that shares peace with others.


Background of childhood, I grew up in a

no-hit/non-violent society of medium size town near the Chicago area before living in Chicago suburbs for several years.


This website was developed by myself to promote free education.  An education that is not always available to all individuals "should be available'"in my perpective.  Educational items can be expensive at any age.  Living costs that include clothing, food, entertainment (educational and non-educational that can be found as educational at times) in addition to housing, vacation etc. in hopes that all are possible for families or individuals looking for a better life for themselves and  loved ones to be possible for the future.


The completion of more sight word books will be completed when the project can be addressed properly and the time allotment is available.  Other projects, time allotement maybe in reach at a quicker pace.  If you find that a certain project that is being projected needs comment(s), please send me an email expressing your interest. Thank you.


Comments on reading the classics for possible discussion of "Signs and Symptoms of War":


     Classics of American literature were and are still favorites, outstanding, appreciated writings of the past still stand current to today.  "Bill Budd" by Herman Melville was used in literature classes taught in some high schools and college classes.  This is a military sea story that involves symbolism.  Symbolism that is gathered and appreciated. If studied, to understand the comprehensive meaning the story was originally wrote. The book was published in 1924 through London- though it is still considered to be an American written  classic. I found this literature informative in college classes as well as the past reading that include "Lord of the Flies” by William Golding.  Golding’s story current to century turned has application of knowledge accumulation of the author's comprehension of war based on research, experience and educational background. Herman Melville is placed in an earlier time period.


      Are they comparable to what present war is like?  Is it the circumstances?  Where they are comparable  (to start) both show war signs and conditions.  If you get the opportunity to read both, reflect on both, please look for the symbolism of the religious figures that are present that are not said to be noted in the context as a religious figure.  The underlying comprehensive meaning that the author intended the story to be present to you to understand.  It might be compared to, the circumstances that involve the situation, they both are and present war factors both written by men with a strong influence of understand war comprehension through writing to all people.  Hopefully, you will gather a new reflection on how to comprehend their comprehension of knowledge application to get you to understand more than just a story.


In looking for the literature story "Bill Budd" at a book store, if not displayed by the bookstore it can be requested to be shipped in.  The cost at a local book store for the story "Billy Budd" is about $5.00 a copy. "Billy Budd" is usually sold in a collection of stories under American literature stories by several authors or under the one author sold in a collection of stories by the original author of his own stories as a stand alone product.

Comments on "In search of the SCARLETs in literature":


"Romance should not be about Pain and Pain is not romance"


When reading the classics, an interesting compareison can be made with the SCARLET's. Scarlet O'Hara, main character in 'Gone with the Wind' by Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell and "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hathorne. When reviewing the text one might review the romance factor 'Romance should not be about pain and pain is not romance".


Disney's cartoon princess and prince can not be depicted in these stories but, a different type of romance surfaces in both.  Look for the positives and pick out the negative that become factors in the situations for a different correlation of understanding-a difference world. But, does any of it apply to today's social order, understanding that can give one the knowledge without being placed within the same circumstances?



Recommended readings for Adults and Teens:




1) Great Dialogues of Plato, Complete Texts of The Republic*The apology* Crito* Phaekdo*Ion *Meno* Symposium

       Translated by W.H.D. Rouse the publisher is Signet Classics


Comment on

Writing Contests for Children


   'Follow the directions and send into the contest.

Let them learn how to write and win.



The products on the website sightwordsataglance are FREE to print for anybody that accesses sightwordsataglance. Everything posted on the website is considered a FREE product (12-6-2015: unless noted otherwise (2-7-2016 added highlight) i.e. as in the ordering a paperback book, game, ect on the reprint ordering page), I consider the products FREE for the public to print (12-6-2015 that are noted or shown as pdf that are completely done, exceptions on editorail calendar). All rights and copyrights of the products on sightwordsataglance are owned by myself, Carol L Brunk. Please call me about *mass print quantities (100+ quantities see 'Reprint' tab on menu bar for agreements 7/2016)) that exceed a reasonable amount (depending on product please email) to get a written conscent form from myself for printing. Any spin off products from other companies, agencies, etc, a negoiation of rights and copyrights as well as written conscent form needs to be released by myself along with any other piramiters that are set that include monitary value, morals and ethical usuage. All rights and copyrights are owned by myself, Carol L Brunk and any promtional items that occur from what is printed, please contact for release. Rights and copyrights for items maybe purchased and the creative written item or illustration will no longer be displayed by myself unless the party of purchase chooses to purchase the rights and copyrights of the creative written product or illustration and purchasing party then displays it themselves.


Note: The website is maintained by the illustrator and writer Carol L Brunk of all products on the website(12-6-2015 including those sold on In the event of death or accidently death of no longer being able to care for the website, the website will be directly donated (3/3/2016 with all products sold and to be sold that incur monies and monies incurred, and copyrights of all products included website design) to be shared to the United Nations (3/3/2016 sole ownership United Nations of website and products that include copyrights) and (3/3/2016 shared wtih United States people through the United Nations as United Nations sole ownership with options of sell copies not copyrights) with the United States people in hopes that a better day after tomorrow will be achieved. Maintenance will be discussed by the Carol L Brunk's parents if so living at the time of her death or accident. 


 If you would like to donate or contribute to additional materials to be posted, a trade, barter for services rendered can be neogatiated and also considered for Art Lessons.


Please enjoy the FREE educational products with FREE Read and FREE Print!

'In Hope for the Future, Our Past to Future Forefathers of the United States Future SHARE the Freedom of Human Rights of PEACE but Do Not Become Each Other to Achieve the Individuality Freedom as well as to be the Person, Individual that Shares PEACE. World PEACE.'

-Carol Lee Brunk  11-15-2020

Not a Military

Owned Website

 A Lot FREE on pdf
         Not All FREE

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