WHAT'S NEXT (editorial calendar)

'Apple Fruit & Friends at Ms. Lilly Pad's Home' 12th Grade Reader written by
Carol Lee Brunk late 2020
'Mr Alabaster Crane The Habitat' Volume 3 of 'Mr. Alabaster Crane' series written and illustrated by Carol Lee Brunk rescheduled to early 2021 or before (moral issues book).
'Sheep! Sheep! Do They Sleep' Part 2 of Short Stories Volume 4 written by
Carol Lee Brunk rescheduled to late December 2020 (child-parent interaction with imagination)
Games (Educational)
'Stick Person' trivia to make a stick person to win. (October 2020)
'Financial Transitions' paper card game on finances and your own economic station state posting on amazon.com late (no date set)
PreReader Books
To Release This Year 2020 Copyright written drafts.   Due to Publish: 

'represents U.S.A.' PreReader Volume 32

'wagon' PreReader Volume 33

'closet' PreReader Volume 34

'arm pit' PreReader Volume 35

Here are preliminary art work and draft content for the up coming books. If you would like to comment, please contact me in the contact menu.

Upcoming educational books that will be posted...

written and illustrated by Carol L Brunk...

Raw data - Hand written notes-not finished

'The Buffer' novel by Carol Lee Brunk

Part of the hand written draft posted below - middle section of book- raw data not in order-

What makes 11? Fairytale renamed from Once Upon at time..

Draft attached - There are 11 prince brothers and a princess sister..

Fairytales were told for moral and ethics in a certain time period for an understanding to understand a situation in life. Though not Disney educational entertainment, 'What makes 11?' fairytale is a combination of fairytales and new tale to tell that is an educational story of morals and ethics of a different time that may or may not apply to all today. Estimated to be a 3 book series of one fairytale spread out over the next 3 years.    

1 Of 3 Book- Estimated late Fall/Winter scheduled 2020

My Oregon Giant- The Blossomed Bridge 

Volume 4 (quoted sentence) in a 6 book estimated series

Growing up and finding Faith and Imagination. 'There's a distinct place for Imagination and for Faith," she yelled towards the sky. "Giant are you there?".  Posted in the beginning 2016 for purchase on www.amazon.com 

Look for Volume 6 My Oregon Giant The Blossomed Bridge The Giant's Foot Prints- late Fall/Winter 2020

Passage from "The Buffer" (No Scheduled Release Date-Drafts are copyrighted)

draft passage written by Carol Brunk

NOVEL (with Factual FACTs with Fictional Characters)


“Yes, The law of Relativity.”


“So, what your saying is or asking is the soil plant life energy increasing the weather.” “I mean atmospheric energy in causing more storms?”


“What’s the plant life in association with the soil content of energy that could enhance an attraction of atmospheric energy?”


“I was wondering if I take the raw elements of the soil content of raw elements in the soil.” “What elements on earth contains the most energy?” “In affect to pull in the elements of the atmospheric energy where are storms in relation and if so, would it be possible to not change the soil but buffer it?”


“Buffer it?”

As in many businesses, business needs are adapted to economic conditions.  Due to lack of donations, offered only on amazon.com are  'Passed Of A Sun' 6" x 9" size and 'My Oregon Giant A Tale' 8 1/2" x 11" size both paperback books that can be purchased through the internet at a charge through amazon.com. There will still be future products available for free at print yourself.  Please be patient while I continue to strive forward to bring more free products to you and the the world.

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Many of the advanced reading and the Mr. Alabaster Crane along with My Oregon Giant  first books were posted on a creative media website entitled Elance.com as my porfolio in 2012-2013 as alternate website looking for additional work

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