WHAT'S NEXT (editorial calendar)

"WE" books: cook book series (good for latch key kids)

"We make apple pie"                                               - projected date open for posting

"We make popcorn trail mix"                          -projected date open for posting

"We make scrambled almond eggs"                -projected date open for posting



"We make a salad together from the backyard" - online in pdf form, review sheets and flash cards


(Basic survival books - when funding acquired)


"HOW" books:



"Mr. Squirrellie makes peanut butter" - pen and ink illustrated with emphasis right away what a fictional character is and what a real product in life is with a detail explanation of how peanut butter is made.   - online in pdf form, interactive recipe and flash cards

(Basic survival books - when funding acquired)


"WHO" books



"Who plants the flowers"                   -online in pdf form, review sheet and flash cards

"Me and My World"                          -online in pdf form and flash cards



(Basic survival books - when funding acquired)


"What" books



"What insect am I?"                  - -online in pdf form has lesson plan, worksheet and flash cards

Upcoming books that will be posted written and illustrated by Carol L Brunk.........







2) Preliminary draftThe Buffer'

 Bound Booklet  8 1/2" x 11" paper back that contains all of the Sight Word books and will contain flash cards, lesson plans and coloring pages that are posted on this website for instructors, students that include parents, sisters, grandparents and care givers of all ages. (available on amazon.com only)

Work Booklet

Volume 1 and 2- Available

What's coming next?
'Apple Fruit & Friends at Ms. Lilly Pad's Home' 12th Grade Reader written by
Carol Lee Brunk late 2020
Third in series of  'Mr Alabaster Crane' written and illustrated by Carol Lee Brunk 'Mr Alabaster Crane The Habitat' will be on amazon.com in (no date set)
'Sheep! Sheep! Do They Sleep' Part 2 Volume 4 of Short Stories written by
Carol Lee Brunk rescheduled to late 2020
Game: 'Financial Transitions' paper card game on finances and your own economic station state posting on amazon.com late April 2019
PreReaders Scheduled to Release This Year 2019 -2020 Copyright written drafts         Due to Publish 

'Bulb' PreReader Volume 29

'alphabet' PreReader Volume 30

'bird bath' PreReader Volume 31

'represents U.S.A.' PreReader Volume 32

'wagon' PreReader Volume 33

'closet' PreReader Volume 34

'arm pit' PreReader Volume 35

Here are preliminary art work and draft content for the up coming books. If you would like to comment, please contact me in the contact menu.

Raw data - Hand written notes-not finished

Passage from "The Buffer"

draft passage written by Carol Brunk



“Yes, The law of Relativity.”


“So, what your saying is or asking is the soil plant life energy increasing the weather.” “I mean atmospheric energy in causing more storms?”


“What’s the plant life in association with the soil content of energy that could enhance an attraction of atmospheric energy?”


“I was wondering if I take the raw elements of the soil content of raw elements in the soil.” “What elements on earth contains the most energy?” “In affect to pull in the elements of the atmospheric energy where are storms in relation and if so, would it be possible to not change the soil but buffer it?”


“Buffer it?”

Part of the hand written draft posted below - middle section of book- raw data not in order-

Fairytale - Estimated late Fall/Winter 2019 rescheduled 2020

         1) What makes 11? Fairytale renamed from Once Upone at eime... 

Draft attached - There are 11 prince brothers and a princess sister..

3) Title: Passed Away of a Sun   (Posted 2015 Available on amazon)

(Arlington, VA)- Short Novel 

Written by Carol L Brunk

Sample below


Description: Book written in poetry form with the objective of a mystery of Arlington Cemetary, Arlington, VA.  Commentary provided at the end of the book with descriptive comment at the end of each chapter with clues of what may or may not have happen.  A picture of the Arlington Cemetary posted in the front of the book before the written first chapter in print.  Underneath the picture will be this message:  'Please take a moment to look, reflect upon your life as you view (pause, reflect) before you read Passed Away of a Sun.' The book will be posted on amazon.com when the final chapter of the book is done. 5 chapter book at the size of 6"x9" book.


Writers comments: As a civilian, the honored still stays honored.  The actual pictorials and in person visual of the Arlington National Cemetary in person, Arlington is the reminder of history that Fore Fathers existed in the first place though many are not know with an actual name, but a household name for many that include the world.


Title Fictional: Passed Away of a Sun (Arlington, VA)


"The black passed away a dawning of a new day raised the shine away with brightness of celebration of a clear sparkling white – clouds that puff a smoke of the same color of a man blowing the rings that strengthened a result of an elongated cigar.  A judgment that was won to rest upon a gavel as it hit the bench.  The décor was supreme.  A repeat of a gavel hitting mahogany wood.  A moment again, as the ring of puff of white exhale from the same color of the man- no grey of temple at the sides to ever hear as years never appear.   God’s grant of age of a seat that only reflects knowledge and not of a man’s independent soul.  God’s grace placed in between the sentences of a passed judgment – a relief of a beginning that man stepped a continued forward as he climbs the steps to another gavel to hit the mahogany bench of a disappearance only to reflect in a passing that a crocheted blanket warmth  or not may rest in the chair.  In the opposition selected chair by the final gavel hit is the end of the end-not a rest for the peace for those in place upon the grey cemented arcs in green but absent the name of the opposition chair to a heavenly host.  Even though the gavel hits the preexistence of the others arched passed of the oppositions chair greetings of hugs to hold – No War but two fingers vivid in the air upon the clouds they rest.   Fine-tuned from cables, wires, metal colander hats with many prongs that are not of rinsing of harvest gardens, moved to a drip line or a clear chemical of odor that put an eternity of eternal combustion upon an opposition that the gavel stayed firm to rest in place- the sound to those in clear view a recall final end of end. 


Of no more passing of a passerby viewing that stands firm to a view that valleys and raises cemented arcs, back stretched to strength firmness of a wish, as the side of the palm lifts from above the brow in forward movement it lays to rest.  Commentary of ‘I’ll do my best…” When will it be marked completely filled of end of end?  Hoping there would never be a next time.


Arms that can hold- are barren- no response from above for the vacancy that holds for those that wait to see those that had been saluted that day. Where’s the vacancy? Heart. She’s still waiting and so is he. That wasn’t the return.


Shredded paper from the mill colored from dyes of root, soil of the earth and flower’s pigmented hue bottled where absorbed. The paper bundles held high. Small amounts tied in paper bags. The wedding gown waits in the parlor of the church it draped of the train, it travels out of the closet. She’s awake. Takes her shower. Starts for the beginning of a day that will last- a hopeful day.


Hands were held. The summer’s warmth soiled the crease in the clothes where the arms where attached. The sun held high holding the heat wave. A summer’s day had it passed?


Monumental holdings that had been established held the ground firm once attended by both. The days travel in the direction – questioned the welcome. Arched in view the preview. ‘They are there for a purpose," commentary in the whirl of out stretched travels that passed the trees – the clear view faster than recorded from visual at one angle- human angle in a straight ahead position that can’t be redirected in a flash- it was too fast.


Arc’s rolled though they held its place- they held their own. Was it a mile? The stretch in view. The blades are green that sprout from the ground – no blood visual. A remembrance of a day that had None- when and where they stood before the return of a new stoned arc permanent residence addressed accordingly name inscribed- addressed with no rent or postage stamp – no charge.


He’s got his hand with hers and introductions where made. "How long has it been?" they milled in conversation. The sky blue that day in more colors than they would had imagine before their arrival. "Where or whom where the guests?" was the comment while the travels out of town took them away. They milled in conversation standing in the untouched green that did not blade through the travels that the arced had taken on introductions and the wonder ‘Who was the guest(s)’? Or who were the guest(s)?


"Pass the oats that was stirred on an open fire." The freshness churned the stomach to a delightful state- a calming that filled in every taste. God listened to the fold and pressed hands together after and before a middle yellowing hit. God granted a prayer. The sides chosen different- values the same.


Sands, greenery thick-hard to slice the solid. A mixture of- ‘Can I hide in wearing a visual?’ "How’s the sun glasses?’ the commentary. His conversations full of weighted pitch to the ears had two behind the line waiting for the arc to be filled- not knowing.


Introductions continued in span placement of ink on wood that was applied thinly to make a resemblance in 3-d-pictorial. Lain in for the present and the former-captions held a head line in both and all places. A record that is recorded for the life and lives placed- cold stone informed of present and past. The look for…


‘When did it happen?" "What did they tell you?" was the commentary. It was their arrival that the uniform appearance now entered into a familiar scene- too many doors that were knocked upon. Breathe held both sides of the door the opening glance- a diet had been issued to take the collapse of weight all felt at the simultaneous moment-What was prescribed?


Clouds that never miss a day – a flight that was an ending or a beginning entrance to the top with a glance backward in climb the visual closed box or unique vase that contains both labeled one- decorated with the fabricated hues that where never to be replaced with a different pigmentation – the standing free flight in a breeze representation of social written order- the plight to flight FREE- the trees bow at the days – greetings made.


‘Sign on the dotted line.’ ‘Was it dotted?-I don’t’ remember?’ the commentary ensued. What was issued in transportation chosen by few or many? Trucks that wheels rotated more through terrain- how fast? Was it planned? -When the papers were issued. The conversation: ‘My kid’s two teeth are missing.’ ‘Got a new picture?’ the commentary that Mother dropped the glass soiled a cloth with milk- any child would have loved that puddle to clean-the craving for spilt milk.


Chapter 1 History commentary:

Phrase: ‘Spilt Milk’ Meaning: WITHOUT war the everyday aches, pains, crabbiness, normal, silly complaints that do not cause war or cause a monopoly of unfortunate happenings to oneself or others that include a headache from the seasonal fields of sinus allergy relieved by a shower of rain to rinse the pollen away or another example I don’t feel like doing that and the only thing that happens is you put the laundry off till the next day. Common everyday complaints without dismemberment, guns shot in the face, a physical attack that includes paranoia just to get through to another day to stay physically alive for yourself and others.



Book dedicated to those that made life possible today.

My Oregon Giant- The Blossomed Bridge

Volume 6- late Fall/Winter 2020

Volume 4 in a 8 book series

Growing up and finding Faith and Imagination. 'There's a distinct place for Imagination and for Faith," she yelled towards the sky. "Giant are you there?".  Posted in the beginning 2016 for purchase on www.amazon.com 



As in many businesses, business needs are adapted to economic conditions.  Due to lack of donations, offered only on amazon.com are  'Passed Of A Sun' 6" x 9" size and 'My Oregon Giant A Tale' 8 1/2" x 11" size both paperback books that can be purchased through the internet at a charge through amazon.com. There will still be future products available for free at print yourself.  Please be patient while I continue to strive forward to bring more free products to you and the the world.

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Many of the advanced reading and the Mr. Alabaster Crane along with My Oregon Giant  first books were posted on a creative media website entitled Elance.com as my porfolio in 2012-2013 as alternate website looking for additional work

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