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Crystal Salt


Available Inventory(look for specials offered on

PreReaders Level 1 & Level 2,

Beginner Readers,

Intermediate Readers,

Literature, Bingo Games,

Games & Journals

& Sight Word Booklets

All on

TO ORDER paperback books
Type in authors name 'Carol Lee Brunk' pulls full inventory to purchase off of

 NOT All available in kindle on 

PreReaders Use the combination of sight words and word association.

Beginner Readers, Intermediate Readers, Novels, Literature, Games, All on

Patterns, Games, Journals & Sight Word Booklets.
All available on

As in many businesses, business needs are adapted to economic conditions.  Due to lack of donations, offered only on are  'Passed Of A Sun' 6" x 9" size and 'My Oregon Giant A Tale' 8 1/2" x 11" size both paperback books that can be purchased through the internet at a charge through There will still be future products available for free at print yourself.  Please be patient while I continue to strive forward to bring more free products to you and the the world.

'In Hope for the Future, Our Past to Future Forefathers of the United States Future SHARE the Freedom of Human Rights of PEACE but Do Not Become Each Other to Achieve the Individuality Freedom as well as to be the Person, Individual that Shares PEACE. World PEACE.'

-Carol Lee Brunk  11-15-2020

Not a Military

Owned Website

 A Lot FREE on pdf
         Not All FREE

Thank you to the Contributor for the donation received on 2-16-2022 for the Needed
Microwave Replacement that was reposted Feb 1, 2022

Thank you to the Contributor for the donation received on 4-17-2022 for the Needed
Vacuum Cleaner Replacement that was posted in March 2022
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