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True Trivia:


 Sound waves have a weight.

1) If they have a weight, is the pitch made of energy?

2) And if it’s made of energy, does it burn its own energy or does it burn the energy around it?

Written in VA


To find the answer  and

       In addition to these websites posted above,  a draft partial lesson plan of explanation is attached.


Press on Cover for Free pdf book 

(Does Not Contain all on this Advanced Educational Papers of Interest website page papers listed on this page. Available on for purchase in paperback otherwise Print Freely up to 12 copies. After 12 copies please review permissions to reprint agreements)

         Those with a star are not contained in the above book

Propositions on Prostitution (Instructor Draft) Written in DC


Order of Reading:
1.) In philosophy and understanding of God Written in NYC
2.) Addendum Philosophy
3.) Addendum 2 Philosophy on Tower Babel and Pentecost
4.) Addendum 4 The bible passage of scripture Matthew 6
5.) Addendum 5 Philosophy Jesus Belief
6.) Addendum 6 Philosophy Jesus and The Rich Man
7.) Premediated Murder on our Soul
8.) God interferes to keep Life Living

Draft of ''The Trinity Exploration'' is a fictional account based on research. There are three parts written so far that will blend together after the other sections are done. The estimated sections are 8 scctions to be written in hopes in understanding the Trinity.  Hypothetical situations and story content are fictional but will have the basic understand hopefully of how the trinity may have happened.- It's a different perspective


The three sections included are entitled:


1.) Who Made God

2) The Dove

3) Three

7) 'Propositions, Friendships and what the word Platonic Means' Written in VA
(Instructor Draft) *Also, posted above in header of this website page

 Papers To Be Read In Order


Papers to be read in order fo 1st to 10 can be accessed on the menu tab 'Advanced Reading':

  1) 'The Individual You' Written in DC

  2) 'Addendum The Individual You'

  3) 'Societal Restructuring' - how it happens Written in DC

  4) 'A Directive The Challenge'

  5) 'The lowest economic station state' Written in DC

  6) 'What does it mean to share?' - united states version Written in DC

  7) 'Propositions, Friendships and what the word Platonic Means' for men and women

  8) 'Where does comfort come from?' Written in DC

  9) 'Addendum 4 The bible passage Matthew 6'  - the department of defense in bible

10) 'Peace Corps Transitional A New Directive' Written in VT

11) 'Written Proposal Draft Documentation 'Civilization Peace Corps' (HealthCare the home owner) Written in VT

Societal Restructuring

Revised 5/26/2016

11) 'Civilization Peace Corps' draft of the Health Care Section Partial Proposal - Program on How to keep property owners home when retired and before. All home owners qualify. Written in VT

Philosophy note to others.  The philosophy of written papers is being amended due to extensive research and understanding of spiritural scriptures and a spiritural journey taken on by myself.  Please look at it as objective as a personal belief of myself that may change in some areas due to not completely done with spiritural docturines being examined and looked at for a clear understand of myself as in written form of past sprirtual docturines. My philosophy is based on more than one compulation of one scripture and I do not press my beliefs upon others but with great respect I have for others I am sharing a point of view of my understanding- my personal homework.  Comments are welcome on the website in view of my philosophy and understanding of God.  I welcome people of all ages, but recommend that parents read the philosophy first. If you are a child, please ask your parents to read the philosophy first for discussion.

6) 'What does it mean to Share?' 
Does it apply to you? This is the version, I grew up with within the economic station states of the United States. Has it changed and does it apply for present day? Written in DC

1) 'The Individual You' and 

2) 'Addendum 1 The Individual You' philosophy extended papers on thought pattern to explore.  To be used by instructors and parents to lead into a conversation of explaining life changes and directing a thought pattern of understanding as well as problem solving. Written in DC

3) 'Societal Restructuring' - What is it?

Draft for discussion


"Societal Restructuring" happens in countries. What does it mean and what is it to have constitutional rights tested. What's a test?


Written for the instructor to review with their students.  The draft is minus the definitions that will be filled in later (thanks for your patience) written in DC

8) 'Where does comfort come from?'
Is a point of view paper that maybe used as an instructional paper to open up a discussion panel. Written in DC

9) 'Addendum 4 The bible passage Matthew 6'

  on department of defense (additional copy in header of this website page)

10) 'Peace Corps Transitional A New Directive'


Civilization the economic station state in life circles.  How do you jump to a better economic station state? 

11) 'A Prayer for Those To Get Smarter-Free Will'

Technical Paper-(Cardiac)
"What does Salt do?" Written in VA

4) 'A Directive - The Challenge'
How the social economic station state redefines its definition over time.
5) 'The Lowest of Economic Station State' 2014
Will it grow to another station state, remain, be retained, reduced or totally removed? Written in DC

Recipe for Baked Chicken w
Written in MD

Botany Flower Study

       Guess the flowers

The Artist study on Botany Flowers is a 5 flower study. See if you can find in nature the attached flowers.  One study per page is noted with a blank to put your answer.


The study is for all ages.

A) 'The Signs and Symptoms of War'

 Draft for discussion groups. Written in DC

'The Signs and Symptoms of War' is an opening paper draft for instructors and parents to use with their students and children to open discussion on signs and symptoms of war. It gives a brief explanation of terminology to the basic understanding to be expanded upon with instructional help from piers.

Note: 'Signs and Symptoms of War' was written with a past former high school instructor that taught American History very well.  In addition, Art History was also examined during college years.  Please be objective and use with instructional use. Thank you.

 A suggested reading for the Signs and Symptoms of War discussions:


"The others nodded. They understood only too well the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought."-Lord of the Flies by William Golding


Literature has a way of pointing out the obvious and not so obvious.

B) Doctrines: Country's Doctrine-

What are they about?

(Instructor/Student Draft Outline)

DRAFT: Doctrines, Application, Knowledge, Basic Understanding  - Outline for Why Countries have Doctrines on display, laws - How do they apply today.

Classroom ideas and fun educational additions...

2010 - present

2010 - present

'In Hope for the Future, Our Past to Future Forefathers of the United States Future SHARE the Freedom of Human Rights of PEACE but Do Not Become Each Other to Achieve the Individuality Freedom as well as to be the Person, Individual that Shares PEACE. World PEACE.'

-Carol Lee Brunk  11-15-2020

Not a Military

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