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*Paper crafts books/booklets are great for eye-hand coordination.
*A fun projects and nice gifts to share.
* Once projects are completed, baskets hold light weight items like popped popcorn.
*Amazon price averages $10 dollar a book not publisher's price.
*PRESS CATALOG PAGE BELOW for complete catalog of paper crafts. Does not include any other products.

Available on at regular price of $10 a booklet without shipping.

PRESS CATALOG PAGE FOR PDF of Papercrafts Offered On Amazon
2024 CATALOG Flower Baskets Out of Paper For All Occasions Publishers Discount PaperCraft

'In Hope for the Future, Our Past to Future Forefathers of the United States Future SHARE the Freedom of Human Rights of PEACE but

Do Not Become Each Other to Achieve the Individuality Freedom as

well as to be the Person, Individual that Shares PEACE. World PEACE.'

-Carol Lee Brunk  11-15-2020

Not a Military

Owned Website

 A Lot FREE on pdf
         Not All FREE

Pdf products that are posted are copyrighted on the website and/or in softcover book form.  Books posted are available for purchase on

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