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Feeding America 6 11 2024.jpg

Press Image "Feeding America" to read article.
June 11,, 2024. This article paper project was written for my University of Kentucky summer class in DHN101 Human Nutrition and Wellness, I received an "A".

"Closet" is one of 35 Free PreReader Books Available on pdf free at Level 1

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PreReader Level 2
Recommended for ages 4, 5, 6 & 7 
The 'Environmental Learner' Science Book category. The first book in the series entitled
'Oxygen Gas'

Free on PDF only.  A sentence book.

  PreReader Level 2  is an advance step into the Beginner Reader level in educational development from the PreReader.

'Oxygen Gas' is the first volume in the 'Environmental Learner' series for science books

NEW Cover, Added 12 17 2021,  PreReader Level 2

'Experiencing Something That Should Not Exist Poverty-Homelessness' by Carol Lee Brunk                                                                          (Go to Editorial......Posted 5/10/22)

Press Picture for the Poem
'The Golden Harvest ... Bread and Body...

Please use the links to download other research listed in the letter about 'Oxygen Gas'
The attached pdf has been updated on page L is for Laws an Layers on the word 'Youngest' was corrected to 'Younger' 1/6/2023.

"My Alphabet Geology Book" 

Free on PDF Only. December 15, 2022.

Available on in paperback.

This book is for all ages!

The pdf (only) is free for your enjoyment of the experience in learning about geology through an ABC reflection book.

This is my reflection of the Geology for Teacher’s class taken at the University of Kentucky Fall 2022. The state standards in science education are noted in the back of the book coordinate with the alphabetical letter shown for each page.  This gives the reader the information on when certain topics in geology are taught in educational grade levels in public schools. This was graded as an "A" for the project.  Enjoy! 

A 6"x9" paperback is available on for purchase at the price of $5.50 without tax added. You may print the pages and make a book of your own.  

Short Stories for Fun on pdf to Read...

A family wholesome story with imagination of an interesting day.

A family wholesome short story with imagination.
August 10, 2022
Upcoming TBA 'Dorothy's Winter Holiday with Her Little Flying Monkeys' 

FACT: The Charity Drive for Christmas 2021
Kentucky Children's Hospital
serviced 420 hospitalized
children & siblings.

I am taking Orders all Year long for those that would like to donate one of the following books.
'Where did Santa's beard go?' and/or
'My Oregon Giant' 


Kentucky Children's Hospital, Child Life Department
University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 40507

To Purchase to Donate a Book.
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to to be directed to purchase a $10.25 book for donation to:


Environmental Science...

Saving the Planet Earth.jpg

Press image to the left.

'Saving the Planet Earth' presentation is part of my college university homework that I am sharing with you. The presentation contains two videos that links directly to youtube online. Once exiting the end of the videos, please reopen the presentation to follow along with the slides until you see the final ending that includes you and notes the article 'The Review Eco Environment'. 


P.S. I got an 'A'.  

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration owned by the United States Department of Commerce) 

Science Fact:
Winter 2021 to Spring 2022

The grey in the sky was not grey but a brownish grey.  The sky discoloration was due to the numerous forest fires in July 2021 that covered much of upper Canada and the upper and western states of the United States. Much of the smoke was carbon from those forest fires are still in the atmosphere.  It takes nature quite a while to cleanse the atmosphere in the down pour of rains.  Smoke that turns into carbon, at times, takes several years for the atmosphere to cleanse itself through rain. 

'The Review'...

Press Covers for FREE PDF Copies!

USA Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources
Look into the Spring and Summer Available Resources for Educational Lessons of Interest for you, children and others.  For Kentucky, wildlife observation and understanding care of Kentucky Wildlife.  Enjoy the Summer!
Website Short Educational Informative and Lesson on Video's with one printable handout.


Original posting 2/5/2021 updated final posting 2/6/2021 updated final posted 2/22/2021 word correction from counties to countries page 11.

The True Story: I'm A Witness To A Weekend Request for Many Years..

"Church Service May Never be the Same
for a Man that had
Faith that wore a Christmas Sweater." 

After 65 Years of Marriage
Heaven's Gate Opened
for One On January 3, 2021
Story Is Now in Memory of My Mother in Heaven.

Note: Both my parents were alive when the story was originally written. A notation at the bottom notes that my mother passed away on January 3, 2021.  

Beginner Readers
Press Covers for Free Pdf

Press Cover for the FREE pdf.
 'Goldie Locks With Lollipops For Sale'
Available in paperback on for $5.50
2nd and 3rd Grade Reader



Note: 2nd Edition, New Cover May 2022
Note that the fully illustrated black & white paperback words 'poor age' was changed to 'porridge' the meal.
Updated New Illustrated Cover 2/26/2022
Updated Illustration 1/11/2021 of Lollipops

Updated Illustration to Draft Paperback Book Cover on 4/24/2021
Dedicated to my Mother Alice and my Aunt Kathy Adams of California
 'Goldie Locks With Lollipops For Sale'.

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'Carol Lee Brunk'
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FREE Educational Coloring Books
(Print Yourself (FREE)

*includes Flash cards and review sheets



Generated for instructors of daycare, preschool, English as a second language and for easy instructional use for parents, nannies,

au pars for an highly interactive instruction as an educational product that stands alone as a hands on learning tool for both involved.



"We" Sight Word Books - real recipes, highly interactive between instructor and student. Ingredients, measurements are illustrated to provide a real recipe to follow and review sheets.


"How" Sight Word Books - explain how something works or is made or happens or is identified. Works sheets and flashcards


"Who" Sight Word Books- question books occupational, answers a mystery or contact person for an emergency (explains things people do).


"What" Sight Word Books-are science and math interactive books that includes scientific explanation includes lesson plan. Math that includes counting and basic number skill worksheets.

Enjoy Reading
Holiday Christmas pdf books
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Beginner Readers
Free Pdfs

Free complimentary pdf sample book!  

Press cover above

Free complimentary pdf sample book!  

Press cover above

Free complimentary pdf sample book!  

Press cover above

Societal Restructuring Papers

'Advanced Reading' tab
'A Directive - The Challenge' - How the social economic station state redefines its definition over time. Draft of program proposal revised May 26, 2016 for  'Civilization Peace Corps' to be established!   NOT Peace Corps!  More than the teacher and the well starter kit to survive!

Editorial Story on
Baby Chipmunks in
St. Albans, Vermont, USA 
(Press picture)

Editorial  12-6-2015 'The Mountains Smoke Dew in WV' -See 'Editorial' tab (Photos added 2-11-2016)

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Watch and Read

Beginner Readers

on 'Children's Story Page'

 'Little Miss Muffet Sat On Her Tuffet'


 'Will You Pray With Me?'

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Volume 2

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Volume 1

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Volumes 4, 5, 
Available on
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6My Oregon Giant The Blossom Bridge 6 Th


Free Pdfs
(4th & 5th Grade)

Free Pdfs

Mr. Alabaster Crane

SCHOOL DAYS & Holidays!!!!

'Color Your Game Board!' 
'Everybody colors every time!!!... 
...a symbol is called out!'

The Educational Bingo Games are
Not Free Products

Saint Patricks Bingo Front Cover Only.JPG
Winter New Year Bingo Front Cover.jpg

Available on
paperback only 
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My Dog Hiccup Hot Air Balloon Ride Text

Available on
paperback only 
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 Sew your own Sun dress for your

17", 18", 19"

Stuffed Bear

Pattern Only

Now Available! 



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Not a Free Product
$5.50 in paperback on amazon without shipping


Not a Free Product
$5.50 in paperback on amazon without shipping


Book 1 'What Makes 11? Once Upon A Time...'

Its about a King and Queen in a fictional land…encounter the Ugliest Thing They Ever Saw! The creature was not of animal or human or insect. There was not a description that could fit such an ugly thing.  The King and Queen are told to kill their ten sons if the eleven child is a girl.  So that the ugliest thing they ever saw can rule with a princess that will someday be the land’s Queen??? TEN tiny caskets were prepared???

Book 2 'What Makes 11? Once Upon A Time...'

The Second Book to BOOK 1.
The fairytale is back in book number 2. The continued fairytale story… The Flags Fly Black in this second book journey….about the Ugliest Thing the King and Queen ever saw. The Princess is on the journey looking for the 10 brothers. Find out who took off from the castle on the day the flags fly black? Where’s the Princess? Where did the Cook go? The lineage of who is in line for King? There’s something mysterious in the thicket. Will the ebony black swan appear again? And is the ugliest thing they ever saw come back? The Great Hall has visitors along with what sat up on the beams in the Cathedral ceiling. A tree of crows? And What makes 11?

This is a three book series. Look for the final book to come out towards the end of 2022.


Look for the educational moral of the story at the end of

book number 3.

Newly Posted on book 2 March 2022.

Press Covers for Direct Link to for ordering in paperback.

Front Cover Book 3  draft 4 3 2022.jpg

Book 3
What Makes 11?

The Finale' book with the end of the fairytale for 
What Makes 11
In paperback only on $5.75


Please Help Promote FREE Education and Establishing a New Directive of 'Civilization Peace Corps' by Donating on the Site

Please donate so that supplies and needs to maintain the website will also benefit in working on establishing a new directive of 'Civilization Peace Corps'. This website was developed for all to enjoy a free Life with education.  As an Educator, Writer and Illustrator, I travel to promote free education.  My stops in each town include the religious community in hopes that those that are home schooled get the additional resources to get a good education.  Fact educational materials are not as plentiful and there are not very many book stores to purchase additional educational materials.  The more good educational products the better chance of  a prayer of a teacher and guardian for a child or adult to comprehend and learn. 

Since April 2014, I've traveled by bicycle with bicycle trailer or walked that started from the east state of Virginia, USA traveling West of state in Virginia, USA then North of state Virginia onto West Virginia, Maryland back to West Virginia, Vermont, New Hamphire, Massachusetts, then traveled through by bus New York and back to Vermont, California, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana Ohio, Kentucky 


Virginia APRIL 2014; McLean, Reston, Purceville, Berryville, Winchester, Middleburg, Haymarket, Gainsville, The Plains, Bethel, Warrenton, Remington, Manassas, Hamilton, Old Tavern, Marshall, Hamilton, Culpepper, Orange, Gordonsville, Leesburg, Pleasant Valley, Upperville, Ashburn, Vienna, Fairfax, Aldie, Ashburn, Chantilly, Pleasant Valley, Hamilton, Lucketts, Sterling, Herndon, Wellington, VA.

West Virginia September 2014-March 2015; Harpers Ferry, Bolivar, Shepherdstown, Martinsburg, Inwood, WV.

Maryland September -November 2014; Boonboro, Sharpsburg, Hancock, Williamsport, Hagerstown, MD

New Hampshire Concord, Manchester, Plymouth, NH

Massachusetts Everett, Revere, Boston, Kingston, Williamstown, Plymouth, Sandwich (Cape Cod), MA  

New York; -bus travel back to VT from Boston 2015

Vermont March 2015; St. Albans December 2015-May 2016, Rutland, Winooski, Burlington, Rutland, Swanton, Highgate Center, Sheldon, East Berkshire, Enosburg, Brandon, Fairfax, Franklin, Georgia, East Berkshire, Richford, VT February 2016-March 2016

California May-July 2016 Junction City, Redding, Weaverville, Sacramento, CA (Walking with Bus travel)  

Oklahoma July-September 2016 Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Clay Center, Newkirk, Edmond, Stillwater, Ponca City

Kansas August-September 2016 Arkansas City, Winfield, Oxford, Wellington, Belle Plaine, Haysville, Wichita, Park City, Newton, North Newton, Goessel, Hillsboro, Marion, Lincolnville, Herington, Woodbine, Junction City, Wakefield, Clay Center, Morganville, Washington, Linn, Marysville, Manhattan

Nebraska September 2016-February 2017 Wymore, Blue Springs, Beatrice, PickRell, Dewitt, Clatonia, Wilber, Sterling, Tecumeh, Syracuse, Nebraska City

Iowa February 2017-March 2017 Council Bluffs, Missouri Valley, Logan, Woodbine, Dow City, Vail, Westside, Carroll, Scranton, Jefferson, Odgen, Ames, Nevada, State Center, Marshalltown, Le Grand, Toledo, Cedar Rapids

Illinois March 2017-May 2017  Rock Falls, Sterling,

May 2017-June 2017- Buda, Bradford, Henry, Magnolia, Lostant, Streator, Dwight, Reddrick, Herscher, Irwin, Limestone, Bradley, Momence

Indiana June-July 2017    Demotte, Thayer, Morocco, Rensselaer, Remington, Wolcott, Reynolds, Monticello, Buffalo, Bell Center, Royal Center, Lucerne, 12 Mile, Denver, Chili, Wabash, LaFontaine, Treaty, Hanfield, Hartford City,Hartford City, Hickory Grove, Dunkirk, Portland                                                            Ohio  July-August 2017   Fort Recovery, St. Henry, Coldwater, Maria Stein, Minister, Sidney, Port Jefferson, Urbana, Mutual, Mechanicsburg, London, Newport, Midway, Mt. Sterling, Circleville, Laurelville, Kingston, Chilicothe, Waverly, Piketon, Wakefield, Lucasville

Kentucky August-September 2017 Fire Brick, Maysville, Mayslick, Flemingsburg, Bethel, Mt. Sterling                             

Ohio (again new different towns) September 2017 -December2017, Laurelville, Atlanta, Clarksburg, New Holland, Washington Court House, Beavercreek, Dayton, London, Lilly Chapel, West Jefferson, London, South Charleston, Cedarville, Xenia, Spring Valley, Corwin, Waynesville   

Illinois (again new different towns) December 2017-Jan 2018  Rock Falls, Sterling,  March 2018 -May 2018 Deer Grove, Manlius, Buda, Shirley, McLean, Waynesville, Atlanta, Lincoln, Middletown, Rochester, Edinburg, Taylorville, Pana, Vandalia, Patoka, Sandoval, Centralia,, Irvington, Ashley, Radom, Du Bois, Du Quoin,

Kentucky (again going towards Tennessee) May 2018-June 2018 Paducah, Mayfield, Wingo, Wollcott, Water Valley, Fulton

Tennessee  Martin,   Sharon,   Greenfield,  Lexington,   Parsons, Linden, Hohenwald, Gordonsburg, Hampshire, Mt. Pleasant, White House (due to 107 degree heat and high humidity started to go north toward Kentucky)             

Kentucky June-July 2018 (North of White House, TN) Franklin, Woodburn, Scottsville, Glasgow, Edmonton, Greensburg, Lebanon, London, East Bernstadt, Livingston, Mt. Vernon, Berea, Richmond, Winchester, Mt.  Sterling, Maysville

Ohio September 2018  Aberdeen

Kentucky (September -October 2018-April 2019 ) Mt. Sterling

Ohio April 2019-May 20, 2019-  Kettering, OH bicycle trail going toward Columbus, OH on the bicycle path called Ohio-Erie Trail Xenia, Cedarville, South Charleston, London, Lilly Chapel, Galloway, Columbus, Etna, Pataskala, Kirkersville, Hebron, Circleville, Chillicothe, Piketon

Kentucky June 2019-  Mt. Sterling - Current status PANDEMIC YEAR COVID-19 2020 - September 2021 -Current 2023

I am continuing my education. My educational background is an Associate of Science in elementary education that I obtained a paraprofessional teaching license with the Illinois State Board of Education. Also, I have two years of medical from the College of Dupage located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  Since taking on residency in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, I finished by achelor's of Science Degree with Northern Illinois University in Art Illustration for writing children's books in science profolio obtain December 2021 (my senior project was "Oxygen Gas" and graduated with an "A"). Then, continued on with my education with the University of Kentucky located in Lexington, Kentucky and applied for a second bachelor's degree in education to teach in kindergarten up to 5th grade (more licensing to make a better world and educatioal products).  


HOW THE SITE IS FUNDED...(SEE  'Mission To The World' on the second contact menu tab of this website).                                I DONATE BACK FOR ASSISTANCE! Press tab to "Mission To The World" to see how. 



The website is a compulation of my work put together and continued from the recent last 20 years of my life that includes research, past college classes of understanding includes educational degree(s) as well employment history and self studies. Looking to continue and thrive forward with your help in keeping education free!


Thank you in advance to those that donate and believe in a free society.

Please refer all to the website, all is important whether you donate or not.

'Societal Structuring papers written and marked in order are offered for print yourself free on 

'Advanced Reading' tab.


'My Native American Indian Boy'


Written by Carol Lee Brunk


It's all about perspective...the way we see life when it's right in front of you. Fiction


"Find it under menu tab 'NOVELS' in this website'



All books are available in
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'In Hope for the Future, Our Past to Future Forefathers of the United States Future SHARE the Freedom of Human Rights of PEACE but

Do Not Become Each Other to Achieve the Individuality Freedom as

well as to be the Person, Individual that Shares PEACE. World PEACE.'

-Carol Lee Brunk  11-15-2020

Not a Military

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